Introducing the Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga Cards

Peri's Sing and Play Yoga cards in hand
front of the box - Sing and Play Yoga card deck
back of the box - sing and play yoga card deck
Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga was born with the recognition of how precious the first few years of life truly are. Introducing your baby to yoga will inspire a deep and positive connection to all of life. with Sing and Play Yoga, the two of you will experience playfulness, laughter and a sense of calm as you practice yoga.

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peri's yoga - dharma yoga wheel

“Three things that cannot be hidden the Sun, the Moon and the Truth”. – Buddha

Thanks for stopping by at our new website. We are not masters, but we are yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers. I am a yoga teacher and live on the spiritual path. We made this site with the hope that, what we have found along the way, will be of interest and helpful to other spiritual seekers and yogis on their own path.
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