Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga Cards


A portable yoga practice; 50-pose cards, 10-card kid’s bonus pack, a guide to how to plan a practice and 3-Peri's Sing and Play Yoga practices.

Introducing your baby to yoga will inspire a deep and positive connection to all of life. With Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga, the two of you will bond as you experience playfulness, laughter and a sense of calm. As a result of practicing yoga you will become stronger, more flexible and more ‘in tune’ with your baby and your whole self. Furthermore Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga is not just mommy & baby yoga; it’s for moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, whole families, baby children and their baby sitters too!

This gorgeous deck of cards comes in a beautiful high gloss, durable two-piece box. The vibrant colorful cards were printed on an extra thick stock meant to stand the test of time. Included in the deck are: 50 pose cards, a kid’s bonus pack, 3 yoga practices (each with a different focus) a full body focus, a lower back focus and the ‘Sun Salutations’ for toning, strengthening and stretching your muscles. In addition there are several yoga instructional videos and song recordings on our website Owner’s Page. The password is included in the deck of cards.

Peri’s Sing and Play Yoga is for everyone interested in yoga, from babies to beginners and teachers too!


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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4.25 × 1.625 in