The First Step out of Bed — Practice #3

yoga home practice

The first step out of bed dedicated to a new activity, practice or goal.

Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Yoga Home Practice

By following the path of expression through painting and drawing, I opened a door to living in touch with my creative force. I started to ask myself questions of what I wanted to do and…not do. I admitted to myself that I wanted a shorter commute; bought one closer to work and school. I realized that I was inflexible and stressed out; I signed up for a yoga class. One class and I was hooked! I felt so good afterwards.

I went to three classes a week at Desert Song Yoga after taking the introductory class there. But, that was not enough to open up my tight body. My first yoga teacher, Heidi Lichte, had a wonderful sequence of poses to open up the lower back. I decided to dedicate my rising hours to a yoga practice and practice the sequence that she taught her class.

To accomplish my goal I set a daily list of rules that I would live by each morning as I got out of bed.

My yoga practice had 3 rules:

  1. Directly from bed – practice yoga
  2. At least give it 15 minutes
  3. Miss a day, practice again the next day

I am very grateful for my home practice, for my body and my soul speak to me in this practice. I have been lead from within on how to open up and heal my body and emotions. Today I do both yoga and meditation. The meditation practice started very slowly, for sitting still was almost impossibly at first. (I will tell you about this journey in another offering.) It’s been worth the effort!

What would be your first step practice?

Have you been wanting to have a home practice?

I encourage you to allow some quiet time to reflect. When you are ready to make the change, step you best foot forward.

Next blog will be on creating sacred space in your home. Thank you for reading!