cow face pose illustration

I’ve been talking about making videos for at least 4 years now.

It took the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic shut down to get the ball rolling. All my in-person-classes turned into webcam-Zoom-classes only. This brought me to thinking,

‘Why am I not teaching on my own website?’

For my first video, I decided to teach just one pose; Gomukhasana aka Cow Face Pose.

One may have a series of unfortunate events happening all at the same time; the kid is sick, pressure from work to do overtime again and the dog got lost.

How is one to get through stressful times?

Cow Face Pose!

The best way to approach Cow Face Pose is just to relax and breathe – long, slow and deep.

As the Yoga Masters say – ‘Control the breath and you control the mind.’

‘When life hits you hard – relax and follow your breath. Sometimes that is all you can do.’ – Peri

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